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Mad Max

The Skeleton Twins
The Skeleton Twins -2014

Here we have Milo & Maggie -they have some catching up to do having been 10 years since they last spoke.

anthony behind the scenes

The Equalizer
The Equalizer -2014

This is a story of violence and a story we have seen before but the actors and the mood of the film are what make it stand out.

anthony behind the scenes

The Maze Runner
The Maze Runner -2014

"Lord of the Flies" has inspired many like minded books and films such as this, the film is strong in it's acting and also the action is well plated out"

anthony behind the scenes

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For -2014

"The bravery of shooting this film in gray scale is great and so is the film”

anthony behind the scenes

Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys -2014

"There are few film makers left that can tell a story as well as Mr Eastwood does and the help of Frankie Valli helps keep it all real"

anthony behind the scenes

How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2 -2014

"While it may not earn awards for it's animation it shall be up for animated film of the year I can sense it"

anthony behind the scenes

The Prince

The Prince -2014

"Jason Patrick is always calm, cool and collected, but takes someone he loves --then all bets are off
One of the best films of the year according to me"

anthony behind the scenes

Grace: The Possession

Grace: The Possession -2014

"Grace is a good girl that wants to be included with her group on campus, as the night progresses she drinks some and after passing out awakes in the hospital , is brought back home with her over religious grandmother and things really start to change for her"

anthony behind the scenes

See No Evil 2

See No Evil 2 -2014

"Not only does this surpass the first film but also makes a bold statement that The Soska Sisters are fully in charge of the horror genre this year."

anthony behind the scenes

Venus In Fur

Venus in Fur -2014

"Roman Polanski pulls out all the stops and has painted himself a masterpiece with this piece of work. Some incredible performances by both actors and should be awarded for their performances"

anthony behind the scenes